Waxing services!

Our team has been trained in a unique gentle procedure, using the highest-quality Parisian wax. After analyzing the skin, esthetician will determine what kind of wax works best for your skin type. We use a combination of high-quality hard and soft waxes.

Lip – $12
Leaves your lips kissable and smooth.

Chin – $12

Lip, Chin & Eyebrow – $36

Patch – $8
A small, extra area if needed.

Cheek – $21

Eyebrow design – $19
Customized shaping for your individual features. Guaranteed to make you look bright-eyed and beautiful.

DOUBLE PUNCH WEDNESDAY: Book your eyebrow wax on a Wednesday and recieve TWO punches on your reward card!

Eye Lash Tint – $25
Using henna-based tint to deepen light lashes from barely there to deep brown, black or blue/black.

Eyebrow Tint – $12
Enrich light eyebrows to a beautiful expressive color.

Eye Lash & Eyebrow Tint – $32

Underarm – $19
Smooth, soft. No razor burn.

Forearm – $25
Elbow down, including fingers.

Full Arm – $42

Every inch of hair from fingers to shoulder.

Chest – $42
All hair from abdominals to neck.

Back & Shoulder – $55 & up
All hair from lower back to neck and back of shoulders.

Bikini – $27
Waxing just along the bikini line.

Bikini Plus – $37
Going a little beyond the bikini line. Consult with esthetician.

Brazilian Bikini – $66
Removing most hair. Consult with esthetician.

Half Leg – $42
Slightly above the knee to the ankles.

Full Leg – $66
Hair removed top to bottom.

Half Leg & Bikini – $60

Half Leg & Bikini Plus – $66

Half Leg & Brazilian Bikini – $100

Full Leg & Bikini – $85

Full Leg & Bikini Plus – $90

Full Leg & Brazilian Bikini – $125

Please Note:

Prices may vary at esthetician’s discretion when additional work is necessary.

Please allow at least 3 weeks hair growth or ¼” length.

***Please inform esthetician of any medication that may make you sensitive to waxing.

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