Tapestry Salon and Day Spa thanks voters that named them the Best of E. Boulder County (Louisville) Winner for BEST Salon & BEST Day Spa!

best-salon-in-boulderIt is hard to judge how a day spa or a salon treats its patrons from a website. That’s why spa and salon goers let each other know which businesses worth their time and money. No one likes to be swindled and, let’s face it, you can’t return a haircut that you don’t like. Before anyone tries a new spa or salon, they want to check the reviews of others who have been there.

Tapestry Salon and Day Spa in Louisville does not have any problems with potential clients checking out their reputation. They are proud #1 First Place winners Best of East County Boulder 2014 in Boulder Weekly’s special edition. They won for BOTH the salon and day spa categories. And are also runner up for Best Nail Salon!

To win this honor, customers had to log onto the Boulder Weekly’s website in September and vote for their favorite businesses.

Winning in two separate categories is quite an accomplishment.

Tapestry Salon and Day Spa is used the accolades. They have 4 ½ (out of 5) star rating on Yelp. Insiderpages reviews gave them an average of 3 ½ stars. Google reviews rate them at 4 1/3 stars. 266 people reviewed it on Demandforce.com and they received 4 ½ stars. It’s safe to say that people that go to Tapestry Salon and Day Spa return and recommend it to their friends.

Why do People like Tapestry Salon and Day Spa so much?

Walking out of a salon or a spa often fills a person with anticipation. Clients want that before and after transformation that could be put on advertising. They want friends to remark on the change in their appearance, and ask them where to go so that they can get a makeover too. Whether they get their hair done, their nails done, or a facial, customers want people to notice their enhanced beauty.

But what about in the salon? In the salon, customers want to be treated like they are queen or king for the hour. It is important that the stylist listen to the customer and that the ambience is soothing. From the time the customer makes the appointment, until she finishes with her last service she must feel welcomed and listened to and transformed into feeling beautiful. Their visit should be relaxing and transformative.

Tapestry Salon and Day Spa staff excel at treating their patrons well. They are also good at what they do. Men and women love to go there because they are treated like royalty and they love to leave because friends notice how good they look.

Tapestry Salon and Day Spa would like to thank the men and women that took the time to vote and leave reviews.

Client appreciation means everything to them.

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